How Google Play Service Has Stopped ?

Are you avid internet user then you must have listen about Google chrome. Google chrome is leading web browsing which was mainly a subsidiary of google which helps user to connect to the internet. With its many advance feature in form of extension and many having and plug-ins it helps user to have a user friendly navigation of the internet.

unfortunately google play service has stopped 4.jpg

Google play store is one of the part of its many services which allow user to smoothly navigate and allow user various kinds of web based application. But user do faces major issue with unfortunately google play service has stopped, One can take the help of their support team or Some of the common procedure to resolve the google play service if its not working properly :

  • First of all, check whether the google play service is not down because of your internet connection.
  • Second check that whether your google play services is up to date, if not go to the google playstore and download the latest version of it.
  • Third In order to check whether cache has been completely cleared. You can clear the cache by going to the settings and then click on apps and further scroll down to all apps. Select the “ Google play service app” .
  • Open the app and details and click on the force stop button.
  • Then tap on the clear cache button.
  • Simply check your internet connection, whether its blocking any internet related particular sites. If it’s has any association with any google play store.

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